Circumnavigation of the globe is so rarely attempted on four wheels for many reasons. The biggest and most challenging being the vast oceans between the land masses. The logistics are incredibly complex.

Due to the financial crisis many shipping routes have been cancelled or if they are up and running, the schedules are constantly changing. Some container ships remain at ports indefinitely. With this mind, the FOLLOW THAT FIRE ENGINE crew will not only need a plan B, but a plan C and D too. On top of this, there are strict customs and diplomatic procedures to abide by. In all, shipping the fire engine is a very large part of the expedition puzzle.

“The Globalink Network”, a network of freight forwarders, are an official partner of FOLLOW THAT FIRE ENGINE. They will assist in the logistical nightmare that is shipping. Their agents will help in dealing with the shipping lines, customs and being a friendly face at each of the ports.


Singapore to Perth (Australia)

The Indian Ocean

1,600 miles

Brisbane (Australia) to Christchurch (NZ)

South Pacific Ocean

1,200 miles

Auckland (NZ) to Gray Harbour (USA)

Pacific Ocean

5,400 miles

New York (USA) to Casablanca (Morocco)

North Atlantic

2,800 miles