Crew Profiles

The FOLLOW THAT FIRE ENGINE crew is made up of Steve Moore and a team of co-drivers.

Steve will complete the whole expedition and a different combination of co-drivers will accompany him on each separate stage of the route. Each crew member will bring their own unique set of skills to the expedition. The difficulty for Steve will be ensuring he is at each stage transition to drop off the leaving co-drivers and pick up joining co-drivers. Failure to hit transitions will have a disastrous impact on the expedition.

The preparation of the whole crew has been exhaustive, including detailed research into the route, completing a special course in truck maintenance, languages, first aid and survival courses.


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Stage 1: London to Moscow

Stage 2: Moscow to Beijing

Stage 3: Beijing to Vientiane

Stage 4: Vientiane to Singapore

Stage 5: Perth to Brisbane

Stage 6: Auckland to Auckland

Stage 7: Grays Harbor (US) to Phoenix

Stage 8: Phoenix to New York

Stage 9: Valencia to London