Day 206 : Happy Day Sir

8 February 2011

High Point: Big soft bed in a motel with Rocky 2 on the tele.  Any TV with any English language film on is heaven

Low Point: Being personally guilty of being a complete muppet by leaving the fuel cap at the “gas stop”

Genius local: Dude at local auto shop that made a new petrol cap out of a plastic cup and a lid from a paint pot

Social Experiment: Being woken three times in the night by a crazy red light and an alarm in the fire station dorm every time there was a fire. Creepy stuff

Pointless Chat: The burger debate continues. Rob even brought it up when were interviewed on the tele and with the Chief Fire Officer for Portland

Best New Nickname: Ben Battye is now Patty Battye. A combination of the fact that a fireman thought his name was Pat and that he likes burgers

American Accents: Rob on continuous loop mimicking a shop assistant from Walmart, “Happy day sir”

Error of the Day: Ordering five filth burgers from Denny’s diner. Never a healthy sign as Ben when picked his up grease ran down his arm. Mucky.

It is beautiful to be back on the road. Long days of cab chat, coffee breaks and games of Risk. A huge amount of enthusiasm from the fresh new crew is keeping me propped up as I seem to be drifting back into previous levels of exhaustion. And what a text book day it was on the road with some heavy mileage, cracking views and slamming tunes. Music has been the backbone of this trip with many defining moments overlaid with a romping soundtrack classic. Today was no different and it was up to Ben (his turn on entertainment) to prop up the vibe in the cab, but to also enhance the visual feast we were experiencing on the road. This he did beautifully, back of the net Ben.

Life on the road is odd and with each new day crew behaviour gets even more bizarre. It is slightly risky doing media in the middle of the day, but the lovely guys in Eugene (Oregon) asked us to swing by for a quick television interview with the lovely Megan. Rob and I got the giggles early doors, needing a few takes to answer some pretty basic questions. Lack of sleep plus too much coffee equals two muppets and a fire engine.

Jimbo pulled another beauty out of the bag when it came to a place to lay our weary heads. We were looked after by Chuck and Jeannie at the Bandon Beach Motel (www.Bandon Beach Motel), thanks guys. Spot of dinner in the local diner and an early night, Spice World!

A final word before I check out. Big up to one Amy Harpin for coping with the boys locker room that is the stage 7 crew. With four boys the chat often digresses into nonsense and toilet humour. Is Hooters for dinner one step too far? Rob can ask…


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