Day 257: 29 Acacia Road

31 March 2011

A wonderful wonderful day! A touch of nerves as per normal when we have to deal with anything shipping related. Today was no was exception. Martha had already been in Spain for couple of days and we were itching to get on the road (and very conscious of our time constraints). The sillyness of shipping didn’t disappoint but with our man Eric on the case dealing with all the craziness. He did a grand job of dealing with the shipping lines, warehouses, truck drivers, crane operators and all the other people involved in this over complicated process.


High Point : Martha being lifted off the flat rack by 4 fork lifts whilst another pulled the rack from underneath her. Only in Spain.

Low Point : 6 flat tires and two flat batteries

Evil dog of the day: our new friend at the warehouse with different colour eyes. Creepy.

Legend of the day : Eric Holzweiss. Is there a cooler freight forwarder in the world ?

Amongst all the carnage today we were overwhelmed yet again by people’s generosity. At one point there were over 10 Spanish fellas working on the truck whilst Eric and Jose were speaking on the phone to every man and his dog. Eric first got on board due this his association with Globalink but embraced the expedition through out and out generosity, and the all too common association with cancer. Eric’s mum is one of the lucky ones surviving breast cancer 9 years ago. Always nice to hear a happy ending


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