Day 33 Ogii to The Eagle Hunters Lair

19 August 2010

High Point: Our fixer from the border, Aggi, promised us a mini adventure and blimey did he deliver. As we set off from Oggii for two hours of crazy off road driving to visit his very good nomad friends. The route there had it all, with mountain climbs, river crossings, lunar surfaces and marsh land. The views were incredible, you can look for 50 km in each direction and see nothing but beauty. This was like no place we have been so far, and with the help of Aggi, we headed further and further into this wonderful world.

The Nomad family we visited were insanely hospitable. In 18 hours I believe we were fed 9 times! The food was incredible and made solely by this 16 strong family. It was a wonderful insight to a fascinating life. Not much as changed in centuries. Everyone has their jobs to do and they seem to be extremely happy. It does beg the question about the amount of unnecessary stuff we have in our lives. Then again, I really do love my iPhone and electric bottle opener.

Eagle Point: The BBC had filmed here recently as the main man is pretty much the best of the best at Eagle Hunting. An age old art and truly fascinating skill. I believe the documentary will be aired in December 2010. Watch out for our new best friend !

Low Point: Well it’s only a low for James, poor fella. The Nomads love their Vodka so after dinner in one Ger (the tent / house) we popped next door for Vodka and roasts with the grand parents. Before each shot was a lengthy toast, these got longer as the rounds progressed and the love in the room escalated, by the last round we were all practically family. Now I said a low point for James, the poor lad just doesn’t agree with Vodka. We all knew this and took much amusement from James trying to hide his pain after each round.

Authors Note:  A wonderful and very surreal day. They kindly allowed us to sleep on the floor, which is quite the treat, as it’s super super cold outside. The 5 of us huddled into a corner, weary, confused but very happy.

Stepping out from the Ger for my very regular 5am tinkle, was quite the shock. There are times when you feel like you are at home when you wake up. This 5am tinkle was something else. Once I had negotiated the rest of the crew, I opened the door to Narnia. Bright stars lit up the mountains, an eagle to my right, goats, wolfs and sheep everywhere else.  Was I dreaming?

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