Day 43 Moron

29 August 2010

High Point.

I never thought I would love camping as much I do. Tonight was magnificent. As per normal in Mongolia, you simply drive until it gets dark, pull over in a cheeky valley and set camp. Nothing around as far as the eye can see. Wonderful. The temperature drops significantly at night here. By the time dinner is finished we are pretty much wearing every item of clothing we own. To help with the warming, and in keeping with the locals, we crack open a cheeky bottle of vodka and toast the highlights of the day. It’s moments like this I will cherish. The moon lighting up the fire engine, the mountains and our faces. A full debrief of the day and then onto the big subjects of the world. Lovely.Low point: leaving a funky little hotel this morning. Our first shower and bed in some time. This is soon forgotten as the thrill of camping in the evening takes over.

Dish of the day: Beef Noodles and a game of cricket in a field.

Big thanks to : Powertraveller. They supplied all of the team with some serious solar power equipment. Awesome pieces of kit. Thanks guys !!


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Photos of the day

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