Day 71: Much sweaty, but so happy

26 September 2010

From our guide SunGi. A man who goes running in his pants and flip flops.

Today, we visited the biggest sitting Buddha in the world, which is about 71m high and was engraved more than 1000 years ago. This Buddha locates in Leshan city, where three big rivers(Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi) merged together and then flow towards the Yangtze. in ancient times, this area was often suffered flood, a monk sponsored to build this giant Buddha so as to bless local resident avoid any disaster. Today, when facing this world heritage—Leshan giant Buddha, a kind of complex feeling suddenly fulling our mind, several years ago, Taliban destroied two highest standing Buddha sculpture in Afghanistan, the whole world was so shocked by this news.Hope mercy and charity can live deeply in every person’s heart forever!

After seeing the miracle Buddha, we continued to drive and stopped at Yibin city, which is the downstream of Leshan and the place Minjiang river meets the Yangtze. Ross, Paul and I go running along a street for about 8km, much sweaty, but so happy, in chinese, we have a word to decribe this feeling:爽(shuang)!

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