Day 90 : Sick Note

15 October 2010

High Point : Arriving in Satun

Low Point : Every second before arriving arriving in Satun

Dish of the day : Chicken Pad Thai in the bathroom room sink

Chat of the day : Pathetic little noises

Number of different attempted seating positions : 42

We have a rota for everything on this trip. The ability to think is chipped away to an such extent where one must rely on checklists, rotas and schedules to function on complete exhaustion. My turn to write the blog is bordering on pointless as I spent the entire day in a puke fuelled mess.

We awoke super early in the hope of getting a cheeky hour on the beach before the long day ahead. This was met by all sorts of noises and lack of enthusiasm from myself as food poisoning had given me one almightily slap around the chops. The rest of the team cracked on and allowed me to wallow in my own self pity getting breakfast, performing daily maintenance of the fire engine and going to the pharmacy. The road waits for no man (no matter how ill and especially not for me) so the 6 hour hike down to Satun began.

I don’t do getting sick. Waste of time frankly, just get on with it. Today though, I had to admit to being proper sick. After years of trying to convince Barham that I am invincible, he took much enjoyment to my downfall and requested frequent updates on just how bad I was feeling. Each chunder and groan greeted by afar from muted celebration.  He was however the first to my aid with wet towels as I nearly passed out on the side of the road. The locals looking very confused, offering to call an ambulance and used smelling salts to kick start my recovery.

Day90 -  Krabi to Saturn (2 of 18)

After 6 hours of precisely no fun in the fire engine (including throwing up out the window), we arrived in Satun. I retreated straight to bed whilst Lyndsey, Michelle, Seve and Barham explored the town. Big day tomorrow. Very tricky border going into Malaysia. APP Logisitics (through our partner Globalink) are driving all the way from KL (1000 km roundtrip) to come and assist with permits, import, taxes, visas etc. Nothing is straight forward, but would it be fun if it was ?

Big thank you to Lyndsey for getting me drugs and Seve / Michelle for their sympathy.  As for Barham, I am counting down the days till he get’s ill. I may even get some banners and fireworks in anticipation ..


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