Martha back into the workshop at AssetCo

9 May 2010

Our beautiful (well sort of beautiful) fire engine Martha is being treated to a full major service by the kind chaps at Asset Co.

After 16 years of fighting fires and trying to do the right thing, our Mercedes 1124AF is feeling the strain and needs a bit of love. Well a lot. Asset Co are the experts, frankly the best of the best. Their engineers are going to ensure Martha is match fit for an expedition of epic proportions. She will climb mountains, cross rivers, get stuck in swamps and cover some serious distances. I dropped Martha off this morning after an entertaining Wednesday morning drive through London. Why does everyone give way apart from white van drivers ??

Steve Moore

Check out these cool snaps at the fire engine factory.

[flickr album=72157623781232393 num=30 size=Square]


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