Our Favourite Photos

16 November 2012

We took over 5,000 photos when we were on the road for 265 days. Blimey!  Here are Steve’s favourite per stage. Mega!!

London to Moscow

[flickr album=72157625626727091 num=56 size=Square]


Moscow to Bejing

[flickr album=72157625626754537 num=60 size=Square]


Beijing to Laos

[flickr album=72157625627095271 num=60size=Square]


Laos to Singapore

[flickr album=72157625634190815 num=60 size=Square]



[flickr album=72157625634547919 num=60 size=Square]


New Zealand

[flickr album=72157626342173036 num=60size=Square]



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