UK360 DAY 2: Low down on the Hoe-Down!

18 May 2010

Amy Harpin: Wakefield is a place close to my heart, so I was keen to make sure it featured highly on the Follow That Fire Engine UK tour itinerary. I knew the crew would receive a warm welcome, but above all that the Harpins know how to throw a good party! I was a bit worried about holding a Barn Dance on a Tuesday night, but I needn’t have been, with family and friends we managed to fill the West Yorkshire Theatre Dance Centre with around 50 eager hoe-downers.

So it was “take your partner” time as The Stompin’ Hooley Band livened things up with some rootin’ tootin’ tunes.  All generations took to the floor, and before long were expertly (?!) dosey-doeing, promenading and stripping willows round the hall.  I challenge anyone to attend a hoe-down and not look like a smiling maniac. The enthusiasm and laugher that ensued was infectious. Everyone got involved, and the evening was a huge success because of it.

This morning my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much, James is suffering from a hoe-down related hip injury, Gemma is totally impressed at being ‘out danced’ by my aunties and Steve is still in shock from seeing so many Harpins in one room.

With Barn Dance ticket sales and the raffle, we raised an amazing £245 for Follow That Fire Engine, yee har!  A big thank you to Beryl Harpin, Sue Peel, The Stompin’ Hooley Band and Sarah Thomas for making it all possible.

Amy Harpin

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