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Guest Blog : Five go Adventuring in New Orleans

Guest Blog : Five go Adventuring in New Orleans

High Point: Landing in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras festivities; Meeting Martha in real life

Low Point: Losing some FTFE video footage, thanks to the very shady people of New Orleans Computer Repair

No Point: Hearing ‘House of the Rising Sun’ performed on stage by a blind-drunk geriatric singer. Who knew that you could sing a whole song without using any real words?

(Not sure she got the) Point:

Prostitute on New Orleans street corner saw the British fire engine and asked  “Hey, what are you doing?”, to which Steve replied: “Why, what are YOU doing?”

Joining the FTFE crew for a few days was a bit like being Timmy the dog from the Famous Five. I scampered along while the intrepid team headed off to fantastic new adventures, part of the group but really just a loyal follower.  Trotting along with Steve, Steve, Val, Gemma, Amy and James, my eyes bright and my tail waggy, I was excited and proud to be part of this team for a short while. Read more →