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5 June 2010

Relive the UK and Ireland 360 tour. It was a wonderful chance to see first hand where the money we raise will be going. Martha passed with flying colours, our bums and backs didn’t though. Man it is a bumpy ride and this is the UK and Ireland ! Ouch. It was also a good reminder of how incredibly awesome our country it is. We really are lucky.

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  1. We were sorry to hear that you both are ill and glad to hear you are recovering in good care. May recorevy be swift and full for both of you.Tobin is with us for 2 days and angels had us in the right place today to rescue a dog who had come up onto the rocks in a place where she would not have been able to climb up the sheer rock faces. We don’t know how long she was in the water, but she was exhausted. When we found her owners, through amazing good fortune, since she had an Ontario license tag, they told us that they had lost her on a walk at midnight and had been looking frantically for her since. This was at 3 in the afternoon.Hugh and I will be going to LI to have Thanksgiving with my family.Sending love,Carol and Hugh