Day 263: Having a Mayor

7 April 2011

High Point: The reception we received in Torrevieja town square

Low Point: Eating six bags of prawn crackers

No Point:  Police escort out of town but still being stuck in traffic (although it was a nice touch)

Location: El Chaparrel to Barcelona

Authors Comments:

When Steve mentioned his plan to drive a fire engine around the world firstly I thought he was nuts, but then I already knew that!  Secondly I thought, is he going to ask me to tackle the tricky parts of Russia, the wonders of Asia? No Steve knew I would suit the short burst at the end and all the associated glory!

I’m told the morning could not have gone any better, I thought this was just the way FTFE rolled.  We started with a visit to the local fire station to meet the Bomberas, The Extinguished Fire Fighters and local press.  The Extinguished Fire Fighters are retired fire fighters from back in Blighty.  It was an honor that they took the time out to come and meet the crew.

After a presentation from the Bomberas it was time to head to the town square.  We were overwhelmed by the crowd as the Torrie army turned out in force, think Cliff Richard concert.   The mayor presented us with locally sourced salt.

Then it was time to turn and burn.  The crew looked a bit bemused when 5 minutes into my first drive I asked “what happens next then; is this it, you just drive?!”

After 8 hours on the road we hit Barcelona just in time for the football (they put 5 past Shakhtar) where we met George who lives in Barcelona (he doesn’t know the road system very well).  Next stop St Remy via Andorra!

I’m sure it has been said many times but really Roy Castle best sums up what’s needed for a journey like this, dedications what you need!  Steve is coming very close to doing a Bob Geldoff so give us your ******* money (please)!


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  1. See picture 28 … is that something LIVING in your hair Steve?
    Make it donate!