Day 137 – 140 : They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, “Oh Yes Please”

2 December 2010

Due to shipping complications, we have had a few days before we head over to New Zealand.  Time to get our heads down and catch up with everything that keeps this big red truck on the road. It has been like checking into rehab as Jan and Graham have shown us a crazy amount of hospitability. Parents of Amy’s friend Mel, they have the ultimate pad just outside Brisbane by the river. Here we have set-up FTFE Headquarters, giving us the spring board to not only rest but to catch up on all sorts of admin and paperwork. Dream stuff as I can finally smash through an enormous to do list, whilst catching up with the 2nd ashes test of course. There will be no internet connection on the ship, so its a frantic time re-planning the final stages, allowing for the knock on affect of shipping delays and re-routing.

Finally we have time to catch up with our ‘Route Master Generals’; Jamie and Kate B are putting the final touches to stage 6 (NZ) and Rob and Val are doing a wonderful job with stages 7 and 8 (USA). And its all go with the shipping and my daily hobby of pestering Richard Dexter, Scott Ellery and the girls at Voyage Express, Coco and Sarah. Its also amazing how much time and effort it takes to maintain and develop the website. A few bugs here and there but overall it’s looking sharp again, not like my diet…

Over the last 4 months its pretty safe to say my diet has been nothing short of appalling.  A quick guide:

Stage 1 : Service station sandwiches and not much else

Stage 2 : No lunch and ration packs for dinner

Stage 3 : Rice, rice and more rice

Stage 4 : Noodles, rice and noodles (again no lunch)

Stage 5 : Extreme service station filth

So as you can imagine, checking into Jan and Graham’s rehab is a treat beyond a treat. Whilst working away in HQ, Jan has been feeding us up with every dish known to man. The evening is normally met with something off the BBQ from Graham. Just what the doctor ordered, thank you guys!! There is of course a downside to such wonderful hospitality, it will make living on the boat and back on the fire engine 10 times worse!!

Before and after rehab ..

Day 137 - Brisbane (11 of 11)Day 137 - Brisbane (10 of 11)


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2 Responses to “Day 137 – 140 : They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, “Oh Yes Please””

  1. Do I prefer the before picture – Hmmm, it’s a difficult call?

    Good luck to you both ( and Martha) with the sea crossing.

  2. goodluck “Popeye and Olive Oil” . Had a ball with you guys in brisbane. Cant wait to hear the blog installment with the stories of your adventures at high sea!!
    Take care x