Day 145 : Crew Karaoke

10 December 2010

High Point : Finding the bread stash in the galley fridge

Error of the day : Playing Ping Pong after dinner when the sea was playing silly sausages

Low Point : Seeing Amy sick as a dog after Ping Pong

Favourite side of the boat of the day : Port

Crew activity discovery of the day : Karaoke

Okay, getting a bit bored now. Breakfast at 8, lunch at 12 and then dinner at 5. Without the regular feeding I think complete insanity would have set in by now. Today we spent far too much time in our cabin. There is good reason however as for us at least, moving about the ship exposes us to more of the motion. The bridge is by far the coolest and most interesting place to be, but it swings around like a monkey. Our room is in the middle of the upper deck and is a cross between a university halls of residence and a hospital room. To be fair its probably nicer than a lot of the hostels we’re stayed in, plus we have a sea view!  A room where madness creeps in!!

I am taking the solitude as a good opportunity to have a week or so off caffeine.  For followers of the blogs, my caffeine intake has been increasing exponentially since day 1 as exhaustion has set in. So on the great ship Les Mans Express I have decided that if I’m tired, it’s quite simple, I have a little sit down. Done. It is also great to be having healthy food three times a day after the filth-athon that was the Australian service stations. On top of this Amy and I are running laps of the ship most days. Today was a real beauty. It was a touch windy for Amy outside today so I smashed out a few laps on my todd. Now I am sure you would think running around a ship would be dull, but try it when it is blowing a hooley outside. Four distinct parts to the lap when the wind is blowing:

– Starboard towards Bow – into wind, dig deep, head down

– Across the Bow – silly cross wind so hold onto the ship as you cross

– Port towards Stern – wind behind, time to drop the hammer

– Across the Stern – no drama until you come around the corner when the wind nails you

I am sure the new healthy diet and exercise will pay off. No way of knowing yet as sea sickness is doing a grand job of masking any benefits.

Keep on Shipping …


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One Response to “Day 145 : Crew Karaoke”

  1. … almost Aussie humour mate.
    Good on ye both. Mind the rails when jogging – don’t fall off.