Day 232 : Saving for a rainy DC day

6 March 2011

Location: Washington DC

High point : The first rocket to land on the moon in Washington space museum

Low point : Losing my voice and sounding like a cross between Pat Butcher and Madge Bishop

No point : I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen actual real life people, using actual real life segways, to actually get from A to B. Really, what’s the point?

A wise man once said ‘’life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’’. Well today we got rain, and lots of it. Being British we love to talk about the weather and we love to complain, so it goes without saying that complaining about the weather is one of our nations’ favourite past times. If lost for conversation complaining about the weather being too hot or too cold is always a banker. On stage 8 we haven’t had much to complain about. The snow in Arizona turned into an adventure, the vicious winds in Texas were a treat, and now rain in Washington meant an opportunity to stay indoors without feeling guilty.

Had the weather been kinder we were going to do a Segway tour (when in Rome). I’m sure Segways must contribute to America’s obesity problem, along with the possibility of never actually having to get out of your car for anything (from drive-thru banks and pharmacies, to Dukin Doughnuts 24 hours). I’m also dubious about Segways because I heard the guy who actually invented them died driving off a cliff in his own Segway (urban myth?). So after a morning of FTFE admin we decided to check out the space museum, probably for the best.

The museum lived up to our expectations and beyond. Our favourite part was NASA TV, imagine Big Brother without Divina and in set space and showing inside the Discovery’s final flight. Awesome!

After more FTFE admin it was time for bed as we had to try and get some zeds in before NYC. Not that any of us were going to be able to sleep, it felt like Christmas eve. I can’t believe stage 8 is nearly over, incredible experiences, amazing scenery, but my back is not going to miss those very long drives in the back of Martha! NYC here we come!


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