Day 38 Altai Heading North

24 August 2010

High Point: After a couple of grinding days of desert running it was truly stupendous day today. A day that will stay with me for many years. Heading North we were back where we love it the most, remote. There can’t be too many¬†places on Earth where one can just crack open a compass, drive North East and conquer everything in your way. Our trusty torque-heavy beast rolled her sleeves up to show her true worth. With no roads to talk of, she wiggled and piggled her way through the big man’s back garden. The only people we saw all day was a Nomad family as our Nav (Ross) for the day was a little lost and needed reassurance we were heading in the right direction. To be fair, you cut your own route here, glorious.Low Point: Man I love dogs. Woof! Each Nomad keeps one and uses them to attack dangers to their livestock (foxes etc). Means to end for sure but these dogs are super crazy fighting dogs. Best to avoid a little tickle under the chin then.

Dish Of The Day: Boil In The Bag Chilli Con Carne with a silly amount of rice.

Thanks of the day. Hi-Tec provided all of the team with a pair of magnum boots. Incredible bit of kit. I have fallen in love with mine. Mountains, rivers, driving, football and kicking stuff. Don’t leave home without a pair.

Chat Of The Day: What is Time?

Authors Comm. Today was a great day. They seem to go in cycles. If you take each day as it comes, all is wonderful. If for a moment you allow yourself to contemplate another 230 days in the fire engine, then the weariness and pain soon return. Like the driving in Mongolian, take each corner, crater and incline as they come. If you don’t, as most vehicles here, you end up with a big rock up your bum.


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