Day 44 – 45: The road to UB. Bulgan to Ulaanbaatar.

31 August 2010

High Point: There is certainly a couple here; the monastery at Amarbayasgalant Khiid (pictures attached) finally reaching Tarmac roads (and then realising they were still wet and Martha was doing a great job of churning them up) and a splendid game of night cricket outside our gir. I think the score is now 3 – 1 to me on the stage 2 cricket fest.
The feeling in the cab was one of excitement, and banter was most definitely plentiful. To finally have UB in our sights was a great feeling, and although not technically the end of stage 2, with both Ben and Dave leaving us there, there was a feeling of accomplishment and achievement. Low Point: For me this was actually reaching UB and knowing that we were soon going to be saying goodbye to the golden girls.

Author’s comments: Now I refuse to get sentimental about this, but having spent 4 solid weeks with a great group of lads it was always going to be sad to say goodbye. We did it in true British style over a curry and a couple of cold Tigers.
I firmly believe that the strength of this expedition is the plethora of characters Steve has managed to cobble together through his various friendship groups. Nevertheless I think we all felt a bit melancholic saying goodbye. However, the one thing one can’t do on this journey is look back, and with Ailsa joining us in UB and the road to Beijing in front of us, it’s time to hit the road!


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Photos of the day

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