Day 79: The Big Luang Prabang Theory

4 October 2010

High Point – Finally arriving in Luang Prabang, Laos to see the remaining members of the Stage 3 crew!

Low Point – All highs today folks!

No point – N/A

On the 2nd Oct and after months of planning it was finally the turn of the Stage 4 team to head to Luang Prabang to begin our stint of Follow that Fire Engine!In the weeks/ days prior to us joining the boys I for one was becoming increasingly more nervous about the journey ahead especially after reading the final blog before we left to see the words ‘NEAR DEATH’ jump out at me from the screeen.

After an overnight stay in Bangkok, Seve, Lyndsey and I made our way to the very plush Bangkok airport early yesterday morning to complete the final leg of our journey to meet the boys in Luang Prabang.

Although there was a fair amount of cloud the flight through Laos up to Luang Probang was breathtaking. As we neared the airport we followed the Mekong river as it snaked along – just beautiful!

Day 79- Luang Prabang  (2 of 10) We came into land we all were on the lookout for Martha as the boys had kindly offered to pick us up from the airport! When our plane touched down (I can only liken it to the sort you would expect to see in Hawaii or the Caribbean) I suddenly spotted a rather enthusiastic ‘plane spotter’ in the bushes next to the airport runway. It took me a little while to see that the plane geek was in fact Steve Moore who was being a little keen in getting his ‘arrival of the new crew’ shot :-).

Once through the super small building that was the airport and after lots of team cuddles we headed outside to see the real hero of the trip, Miss Martha! To those who haven’t seen her in a while she is looking particularly ‘shabby’ – to quote the boys.

Once we had all had a chance to dump our bags, we headed for some food and then spent much of the afternoon/ evening watching the Ryder Cup and cooking our dinner on what can only be described as a cross between a fondue set and a lemon grater – very odd but brilliant!

Tomorrow we are booked on a trip on the Mekong river to see some of the sites and sounds that Laos has to offer – excited!


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3 Responses to “Day 79: The Big Luang Prabang Theory”

  1. Crissie Flemming October 8, 2010 at 10:26 am

    You go Mahoney!! We miss you but have a brilliant time!

  2. We miss you Shelley but wishing you a safe journey – pics look amazing. Lou’s not doing any work, just reading your blogs all day!!

  3. That Ryder Cup was amazing…. I hope everyone was cheering the team on with Steve??