Day 88 :The 50 year storm (or Lady Go-Go)?

13 October 2010

Pak Nam Lamae to Phuket

High point:  Being welcomed into Phuket by the local media just in time before the monsoon rains hit hard! And being invited to the comedy night featuring Milo!

Low point:  Monsoon rain stopping us from visiting the beach on our only planned day off in Thailand.

No point: Bangla road

As we approached Phuket, the local press were waiting for us to arrive and followed us into town.  We had been delayed by the start of the daily Monsoon rain and made it just in time before the peak of the tropical storm.   By amazing coincidence, the day we were due to arrive in the area was the exact same night that a Comedian friend of FTFE, Milo, was due to perform.  Pete who runs the comedy night heard about FTFE through Milo and very kindly spread the word in Phuket, contacting the local press who eagerly awaited our arrival for an interview.

Day 88 - Pak Nam Lame to Phuket (17 of 22)

Pak Nam Lame to Phuket

We made great progress on our journey from Pak Nam Lame in the morning.  It was a shame to leave our beach bungalow so soon after discovering the fantastic remote location, so after a short early morning walk along the beach we were back on the road.

We were expecting rain and knew that this could have considerable influence on our journey.  The dark clouds were seen in the distance for much of the 7 hour drive south towards the Andaman coast but luckily we seemed to miss several downpours!   The closer we got to Phuket, the more it looked certain for a heavy storm! The clouds were building, sky darkening, and it began to rain, and it rained heavy!  The 50 year storm has arrived!  Luckily we had got almost all the way without rain so the very slow end to the journey was manageable.  Soon after we arrived the Monsoon rains strengthened and continued into the night!

The Crew met Fraser and Mark from Phuket Gazette and Phuket News at the Holiday Inn Hotel to be interviewed.  Its great to find that FTFE continues to be an interesting story with many supporters around the world, and great that this would help spread the word.

By the evening people were recognising us from the article which had already been released on the internet, and it was great to receive their support.

Even though Milo was sick with food poisoning, he battled through it and delivered a very entertaining show!  He had been in bed sick all day and literally collapsed at the end of his performance, returning to bed!

After the comedy show it was time to go-go for a walk and see what Patong’s evening life had to offer.  We headed for the famous Bangla road which is the centre of the action.  Techno pumping along the long street crammed full of bars which reminded us of the main bar strip of San Antonio or Magaluf!  The additional Thai factor being the hundreds of Go-Go girls (and boys…) outside every bar and on every table top!!   Bars seemed to have groups of Go-Go’s in their team colours and competing for attention!!  A crazy mix of bars, dancers, and retailers selling anything you can imagine in this very lively part of town.

FTFE stage 4 crew would like to say a special thank you to Pete and the Holiday Inn Hotel, Phuket, who provided the crew with the most luxurious accommodation in stage 4 so far!  And good luck to Milo with the rest of your tour in Hua Hin and Bangkok!


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