Day 96 : APP (you know me)

21 October 2010

High point: Singapore Slings
Low point: saying goodbye to APP (you know me)

No point: queue’s

Today was border day and by now, with this being my 3rd, the day was pretty much mapped out and we knew the drill.

We met with APP at a laybay on route to Johar Bahur  or to be correct I sped past them and thankfully ever on the lookout for us, the guys spotted us and caught up. Only 3 of the team to escort us today!!; Julie, Ms Sathiyani and Mr Khosaini and it was nice again for them to guide us down to the border from Melaka. Our exit from Malaysia was probably the quickest yet and it was rather emotional to say goodbye to the APP guys as they have been fantastic and permanently on hand during our time in Malaysia.

We did our usual ‘let’s pretend we’re a car’ enroute to the Singapore border and bypassed a long queue of trucks and busses and were hoping things wouldn’t turn too nasty at the end of the line when we spotted a rather dashing man in uniform beckoning us towards him – he hopped in the back (we thought to tell us off) only to personally direct us to the VIP customs area where we were meet by the team from EES, Paul and Rashidah and our hosts from the Singapore Civil Defence Force Mustaffa.  Mustaffa had been kindly assigned to us from the SCDF for our duration in Singapore and they did a great job of fulfilling our first request for food, and food fast! Who says we don’t need to eat on this expedition.

Now-what does one do whilst in Singapore…….got it??? Mission of the first night had to be the ‘slings’. Refreshed we headed into town for our first taster of the famous Singapore Slings at Raffles hotel – my, they are goooood. I think they may be on the menu for tomorrow 🙂 and a well-deserved day off. We may even head off to the zoo to see some animals – well hopefully more than on the night safari!

So – this is actually over and out for me (writing this on the way to the airport) – not sure if you know but there is an internet delay from Singapore of a couple of days!! Stage 4 complete. I just want to say a huge thanks to all those involved who have made this expedition so successful -it really would be impossible without all hands to the deck (or truck). And a personal thanks to Steve for allowing me to join him on his incredible journey and to help build awareness for the 3 charities. Every penny helps – so please do what you can to help push the fundraising total way high.


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