Follow That Fire Engine Podcast : Mongolia

25 August 2010

Join the stage 2 boys in Mongolia for a quick recap of stage 2 so far Steve Moore, Ross Shepley-Smith, Dave Orders, James Morrow and Ben Haslett.



2 Responses to “Follow That Fire Engine Podcast : Mongolia”

  1. Enjoyed listening in & lapped up all the positive stuff about Mongolia – a country that i love so much;

    For those who don’t have the time or inclination to listen to it all here are some key snippets – “Mongolia – must be the greatest place on earth”. “Agii – what a dude (Panoramic Journeys man out West)”. “Mongolia is THE place. The coolest place … amazing and the people are lovely.” “Wonderful sense of feeling in this country… nobody in the countryside… just drove up and down a mountain today. 13 horses to 1 person in Mongolia.” Best memory so far “100% “Mongolia has hands down been the best country that I have visited. It is like nowhere else on earth. It is how it was centuries ago. You can imagine Genghis arriving over any mountain..”

    I hope to put faces to the voices on your return. Sorry to see you leaving Mongolia. Hope that you have enjoyed it? Good to gather that you have recovered from your big night out in UB. Best wishes Karina ( – Mongolia fixers)

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