In the Movies

15 March 2011

Name all 11 movies and win a prize !!


3 Responses to “In the Movies”

  1. There are so many movies set in New York!
    What’s the prize?

  2. Ok, I have 14 possibles, only 3 are definitely right!
    Safe journey, I may have worked out the answers by the time you get back! 😉 x

  3. Having read Charlie’s Laos updates first, I see that you both have revoeercd well enough to carry on and enjoy the next planned stop on your journey. Being ill does definitely impinge on the soul and enthusiasm as well as the body, no getting around that.We were just down to Long Island for Thanksgiving and took my mother, now 95, on a couple of outings. Even though she is too weak to walk herself now, she is still healthy and not in pain and really appreciates that and is appreciative and grateful for so much else as well the patterns of the snow fences, the other people out enjoying the day, the care she is being given, the birds that come by, a plate of mussels and a good blueberry pie and more.We’re back in Maine getting ready for school to resume Hugh tomorrow and I head to FL to teach on Sat.So glad you are feeling better. Sending love and hugs, Carol and Hugh