Peter and Mongolian Star Melchers

2 September 2010

It is people like Peter and Mongolian Star Melchers that not only helped Martha get on the road, but stay on the road. Peter didn’t know us from Adam as we turned up in Ulaan Bator all dirty and tired from 7 weeks on the road. Martha, the poor girl, was in a bit of a state and they very kindly donated their time and effort for free, to get her match fit to continue her journey. Now this wasn’t your usual service, we produced quite a long list of things that were wrong but Peter still took Martha in, top man.

Peter was born in 1968 in South Africa, after army service in 1987, he joined a Mercedes Benz dealer, and after a few years with them he was offered a position at Mercedes Benz South Africa.  Peter has been in the automotive ‘After Sales’ business ever since, both in South Africa and abroad. His line of work and sense of adventure took him to Mongolia. Here he joined Mongolian Star Melchers (MSM), a Mongolian, German, American joint venture. MSM`s business scope includes the import, distribution, sale and service of cars, vans and trucks, construction and mining equipment and consumables, hospital and medical equipment and consumables, beverages, households well as beauty products. We were like kids in a sweet shop on our visit to their buildings. Very impressive indeed.

We can’t thank MSM enough for taking us under their wing, especially due the timing of our visit. It was the grand opening of their new building whilst we were there. Over 500 VIPs were due to attend but still they spared the time to help us along our way. Big thank you guys. Three full days work and a full steam clean, Martha is ready to rock the world once more. Onwards and upwards.

Thank you Peter and Mongolian Star Melchers. Legends.


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2 Responses to “Peter and Mongolian Star Melchers”

  1. How amazing! their generosity is very humbling. Thank you all so much for looking after our lovely Martha!

  2. Val FTFE Crew Stage 8 September 5, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    Thank you Peter and MSM!