UK360 DAY 2: What it is all about

18 May 2010

Steve Moore: Today we were lucky to meet two wonderful chaps; Roy and Ray. The meet was set-up by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. One of the foundation’s key services is its support groups. Roy and Ray told us first-hand how important these groups are to people, both suffering from lung cancer, and recovering from treatment.

It was very humbling to meet two chaps that have both gone through the rollercoaster and agony of lung cancer and survived. Both Roy and Ray went through a complete Pneumonectomy (removal of an entire lung). Though medical procedures have come very far in the past decade or so, this is still an extremely traumatic operation. My dad also went through such an operation and though initially successful, the cancer returned. It was tough meeting Roy and Ray, they are so lucky to be alive when so many are taken by this most vicious of diseases. Both Roy and Ray fully appreciate how lucky they are.  Their outlook on life is phenomenal and extremely positive. The importance of the support groups co-ordinated and funded by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation really can’t be stressed enough. The treatment and operations are only half the story, the mental and emotional challenge is the difference between merely surviving and living again.

It really was a privilege to meet Roy and Ray, I am sad that dad was one of the unlucky ones.  To see these chaps enjoying life goes a long way in the healing process. Oh, one more thing, Ray makes a cracking cup of tea and a cheeky mint Club biscuit went down very well after a day on the road. Cheers chaps.


This afternoon we hooked up with the Macmillan team in Wakefield. We headed to Pinderfields Hospital to meet 20 nurses from the palliative care unit. It was a great opportunity to again see where the money we will raise will go. This surely has to be one of the toughest jobs out there.  Was great to hear at first hand that, though dealing with terminal illness, there are many positives to take away from it. To meet patients at such a crucial stage of their lives, a time of heavy reflection, is a real privilege, even under tough circumstances.

The nurses love our project and jumped all over it the fire engine like school children. Thank you ladies, we hope to do your all proud.


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One Response to “UK360 DAY 2: What it is all about”

  1. Mavis Broadbent May 20, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Ray is my brother who is very special and muched loved by me. He survived lung cancer and is very much involved in the lung cancer suppory group at ST.James Hospital. He has given hope to many patients who have attended the group meetings. We lost both our parents to cancer and know the suffering it causes not only to the patient but to the family. When Ray was diagnosed we were distraught and expected him to end up the same as our dear Mum and Dad. He was one of the lucky ones and every day is a bonus and we thank God he is still with us and so well. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is very special to him and the lung cancer support group at the hospital. We are grateful for the extra time he has been given through the skill of the surgeon and the medical staff.
    My friend’s husband was diagnosed just after Ray and he didn’t survive and died at the age of 48. A neighbour of mine is suffering lung cancer at the moment and she is terminal, hard to face at just 44. What a cruel disease!!