Day 116 : Lou shares a room with Paul and Fuad and gets bugged all night

11 November 2010

Yulara to Marla

A busy morning for the crew was followed by a long drive south down the Stuart Highway to Marla where on arrival food and sleep were high on the agenda. Marla is a truck stop and hugs the highway like a UK service station, and is no bigger, so after a check in process that seemed to last forever the crew were finally given keys to the only motel in “town”.

On inspection it was clearly still under construction as the attached video shows but there was no option. It was the last room. I thought it was wonderful and didn’t know what the fuss was about. Bathroom doors are overrated.


After a quick dinner it wasn’t long before they were safely tucked up in bed or so Lou thought.

On arrival I could see the way Lou had looked at me. It wasn’t a passing glance but a stare that might be mistaken as a look of fear and panic but in my mind it was come to bed eyes. I back myself, I’m quite a catch and didn’t need asking twice.

I made my approach in the darkness and thought I would start with gently stroking her leg. I climbed onto her bed and made my over to her legs. I’d barely started before Lou woke with a start and gave me the brush off and knocked me back off the bed. Playing hard to get I thought! Brilliant, I love a challenge and wouldn’t be deterred so easily.

Lou was now awake and with the light of her mobile phone was scanning the room like a lighthouse.  She seemed anxious. Ahhh mood lightening I thought, how romantic. My luck was in. I would need to up my game and what better than a back rub.

I thought I’d surprise her and managed to avoid the ray of light that was intermittently lightening the way beautifully. I once again clambered onto the bed and made my way onto her back and began. Almost before I had started I was slapped in the face and sent flying back against the wall. Feisty, I like it.

I thought I’d give Lou the benefit of the doubt and try one final time. I’m a nice guy if nothing else and she was now clearly playing the long game and pretending she wasn’t interested. This time I would woo her by playing with her hair. Once again avoiding the mood lightening and occasional shrieks I made my way to the top of the bed and started moving sensually through her hair. Lou sat up with a jump, shrieked and once again viciously side swiped me against the wall.

Reluctantly I admitted defeat and made my way back to my bed as dawn was breaking.

Big thanks to our guest blogger Bruce the Beetle who certainly saved me a lot of work.

Epilogue: Bruce wasn’t on his own and was joined by many many relations. Poor Lou was subjected to attack after attack but in true British style toughed it out scanning her bedding with the light of her mobile phone at regular intervals to brush the bugs off, only occasionally letting out an very understandable shriek. I think many others would have imploded in the same situation! Fuad woke up during the night and brushed off at least 20 bugs from his bedding and his walk to the bathroom was done to a soundtrack of bugs crushing under his flip flops.

In the morning he awoke to a massive cockroach sitting on the corner of his bed and the floor looked like the bugs had either committed suicide en masse or had fatal impact injuries from hitting the wall. As for me I wrapped myself up in the sheet and stayed as still and as quiet as mouse and incredibly remained untouched. Read into that what you will.

The busy morning was due to some fantastic photographs and footage being taken from a FTFE requisitioned helicopter of Martha driving through the outback in a five fire engine convoy with Ayers Rock in the background. Massive thanks once again to Jim at Yulara Fire Station and to Ray and the Fireys at Yulara Airport Fire Station for the trucks and their kind words. A final mention must go to Jim at Yulara not only for his fantastic hospitality but for introducing us to Jock (See video above). Video from the helicopter to follow in the very near future.

Paul Barham

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  1. Michelle Mahoney November 15, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Fab blog Barham! Poor Lou :-(. Keep the blogs coming xx