Day 144 : Cruise control

9 December 2010

High point: not being sick

Low point: feeling sick

No point: playing ‘I spy’

Paul point: Steve has the same music taste as the Captain, they both have a love of  the Beatles


Hello darlings,

We’re settling into maritime life nicely.  Today breakfast was served in the mess room between 7 and 8, just splendid.  This was followed by a jolly game of charades on the deck and a stroll around the ship to take in the beautiful scenery and sunshine.  At 10 o’clock we took tea and cake with the captain, it was most enjoyable.  I spent the morning having a gorgeous massage and facial (one has to look one’s best) while Steve decided to partake in a game of Boule.  A quick dip in the pool was next on the agenda, before changing into smart/casual attire for lunch.  The food here really is exquisite. Cocktails on deck were the next highlight of the day, delightful, I do love a strawberry daiquiri.  Then time for a snooze on my favourite sun lounger to top up that tan.  Dinner is served at 7, so just enough time to change into my evening frock and make myself look pretty. Its casino night tonight which will be devine, I plan to win big.  I’m putting £83,000 on black.  Wish me luck!

Obviously none of that really happened, but we did have tea with the Captain and Super. They’re really interested in the expedition and wanted to see some FTFE videos of Mongolia.  We spent the afternoon running laps of the ship in the rain and playing table tennis, which can be quite tricky when the boat is rocking.  The crew are great and we’re eating better than we do on the road:

Breakfast – scrambled eggs, corned beef and an apple

Lunch – rice, vegetables and fried tuna followed by pineapple rings

Dinner – rice, vegetables, pork knuckle and tandoori chicken followed by pears in syrup

We’re only three days in but I’m excited that after a week on board we’ll be classed as ‘sea dogs’.  I don’t know about you, but when I think ‘sea dog’ I think of Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses.  Not someone I’ve ever really aspired to but hey, if the cap fits I’ll wear it.


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One Response to “Day 144 : Cruise control”

  1. Is afternoo tea served on deck?!
    Looks like you may have nearly found your sea legs! You are doing so well and the crew look great. Take care both of you xx