Day 146 : Are we nearly there yet?

11 December 2010

High point: somewhere over a rainbow

Low point: rough seas

Ping pong point: being beaten by the Super yet again, but not as badly as Steve, is a massive achievement I feel

Last night we hit a 10 metre swell.  Not being accustomed sailors, to us the Le Mans Express sounded like she was going to come apart at the seams.  As she moaned and groaned the creaking noise was deafening.  And on top of that our cabin had become part of some freaky rollercoaster ride.  People pay good money to experience that ‘scream if you want to go faster’ feeling, so why wasn’t I enjoying the cabin being tilted all angles and nearly failing out of bed every 2 minutes?  Was this really how it was all going to end… in a tin can still only somewhere off the coast of Australia?  Please no!

It was light when the sea finally calmed down and we could get some zeds.  As they say, worst things happen at sea.


Life on board the ship has become similar to the way Hugh Grant lives his life in the film ‘About a Boy’.  If you’ve not seen it, Hugh Grant’s character doesn’t have a job and so breaks his day up into units of time, 1 unit = making a cup of coffee, 5 units = going for a paper, and so on.  If 1 unit = 2 minutes, we have about 450 units to get through in a day:

– going to get a glass of water from the galley = 1 unit

– breakfast, lunch and dinner = 25 units

– walking around the ship = 2.5 units

– general pointless chat and banter with the crew = 15 units

– running laps of the ship = 15 units

– reading = 60 units give or take

– fire engine admin = 60 units

– blogging, videos and photos = 30 units

– I spy = 2 units

You get the point.


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One Response to “Day 146 : Are we nearly there yet?”

  1. oh amy …. just close your eyes and imagine you are back in cloudland… cool music, awesome decor… dickhead doctor graduates..your so called friend sending you into a turbo spin in the spinny chair onto the floor of the ladies posh toilets… scary men encircling us in our posh princess booth… blood pouring from your heel onto your pretty sparkly shoes…. actually maybe you should just imagine the final scene from titanic it may make you feel better!!
    sending lots of love to you and steve xxxxx