Keep on donating for a great great cause!

19 July 2010

Thank you for choosing to donate to FOLLOW THAT FIRE ENGINE.

Money raised will make a vital contribution towards:

helping people living with cancer
helping injured fire fighters and other members of the fire community
helping thousands of people affected by lung cancer every year
striving to defeat lung cancer through ground-breaking research


£143,273 can fund a Macmillan nurse for 3 years, providing emotional and practical help to people affected by cancer and their families.
£105,333 can fund one of Macmillan’s new community based rehabilitation support teams.
£29,250 will pay for a Macmillan benefits adviser to work in a Citizen’s Advice Bureau for a year providing welfare benefits advice.
£3,333 could keep a Macmillan cancer information and support centre stocked with all the information resources it needs to support people affected by cancer for a year.
£350 could pay for a convalescent break for someone with cancer and their carer.
£51 could buy a liquidiser for someone who can’t eat solid food as a result of their cancer treatment.
£17.50 could pay for one more member of a cancer support group to go on a social event with other support group members.


£100 can pay for gym equipment at one of our therapy centres
£500 can pay for a retired beneficiary to stay at one of our recuperation centres, to help them recover from illness, injury, bereavement or stress
£1200 can pay for a week’s intensive therapy for an injured fire fighter, helping to improve their quality of life, or helping them get back to work sooner


£2 million was spent, in 2007 alone, on research, services to patients and those who wanted to quit smoing
£10 million has been committed to the Foundation’s vital research programmes over the next 10 years

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  1. Walking in the pserence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!